Intangible Assets

A new cycle begins and its opening demands a “re-interpretation” of the current promotional models for the consumer. The best companies will seek to attract from a projection of a creative-strategic character that is much more conscious, that manages to persuade from the true attributes of the brand, recognizing with its client “the real relevance that the intangible assets exercise as key factors in the strategic path towards the success of any product or service in the current market“.


This indicates that the intangible values of brands can be recognized as “determining and decisive assets” when competing, which requires attention, study and audacity in management and direction from the conception that it implies all its strategic complexity in order to achieve success in sales, but even more important in the evolution as a brand and its legacy within its market over time.

"Los valores intangibles de las marcas podrán ser reconocidos como activos decisivos a la hora de competir"

Only some of the main global brands of the present time anticipated strategically in this way, managing to position from their intangible assets, trend that “has been, is and will be” of incalculable value in global marketing. This new scenario will then seek to empower intangible assets within the new business optics of the “next decade”.

Laocoonte creates the ideal environment for the intangible assets of the brands to resonate in the current evolution and growth of a global consumer, creating from creativity and strategy a convergence of mutual benefit that will be reflected in the relationship “client – brand” as allies in the growth of its business offer so that it can build a stable legacy in time. 

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